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Applied Procurement and Contracting

Applied Procurement and Contracting


Face-to-face or virtual workshop


2 days

Enhance Your Expertise in Procurement and Contract Management

This practical 2-day workshop addresses the lifecycle of a procurement activity, spanning from initial planning and sourcing activities through to contract review and closure. The program is specifically designed for public sector staff who regularly undertake or manage procurement and contracting activities on behalf of their organisation. Using interactive and practical learning activities, it will provide you with the opportunity to confidently apply your knowledge and skills to real-world government procurement and contract management scenarios.

You will gain valuable insights into best practices in procurement, applicable at local, state, and Commonwealth levels. The program is designed to assist staff in demonstrating their ability to deliver value for money and uphold probity principles throughout the procurement lifecycle.

Key Content

Overview of procurement and contracting in the public sector

The procurement lifecycle from planning to contract closure

Mastery of needs assessment and aligned procurement planning techniques

Strategic supplier sourcing strategies and informed evaluation techniques

Acquisition of contract development and negotiation skills

Identifying the ethical and legal considerations in procurement practices

Course Format


2 days


Face-to-face or virtual workshop

Content is delivered through a mix of work-based activities, including lecture-style presentations, group discussions, interactive workshops and case studies.

Master the complete procurement lifecycle, from planning and sourcing to contract closure

Develop skills in needs assessment, aligned procurement planning, and strategic supplier evaluation

Acquire mastery in contract development, negotiation, and administration for seamless management

Identify and mitigate procurement risks while adhering to ethical and legal standards

Apply knowledge through interactive exercises, building confidence in handling real government scenarios

Learn strategies for value optimisation, stakeholder engagement, and continuous improvement in procurement practices

Benefits for you

Gain confidence to comply with procurement legislation, regulation and policy

Develop knowledge and skills to ensure value for money is achieved and probity adhered to

Learn to apply best practice planning, sourcing and contract management approaches

Improve your stakeholder identification, evaluation and management skills

Benefits for your organisation

Identify and implement best practice contract management principles across your organisation

Increased confidence of staff to demonstrate value for money and probity

Build organisational capability to confidently undertake procurement and contracting activity

Develop staff understanding of the key role of procurement in supporting organisational strategy

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