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Building a Credible Business Case


Face-to-face or virtual workshop


2 days

Build Confidence in your Ability to Develop and Present Business Cases

In this workshop, you will build on your understanding of the steps in developing a business case, considering these from a strategic point of view of the problem or opportunity. Using a hypothetical, real-world case study, you will explore how to evaluate options, ensure business cases cover key success factors and gain an understanding of what is required to effectively communicate your business case to stakeholders.

Key Content

The strategic importance and purpose of a business case

Characteristics of an effective business case

Developing a business case structure

Developing a business case (problem definition)

Methods of writing and presenting the business case

Strategic business cases

Review the case for change

Assessing and narrowing down your options

Key steps in the detailed business case

Overview of a commercial analysis

Understanding management analysis

Course Format


2 days


Face-to-face or virtual workshop

Work-based activities, including presentations, group tasks and case studies

Clearly identify the need, challenge, or opportunity

How to identify, analyse, engage with stakeholders and prepare a business case that meets their requirements

Effectively define the objectives, benefits and strategic alignment

Assemble a business case by drawing on appropriate sources of information

Developing strategic responses (options)

Assess and analyse trends, review data and evaluate business options to ensure business cases are financially sound

Identify and assess risks, evaluate risk and develop risk management plans

Estimate the outlays required to resource the proposal

Develop an implementation plan for the business case

Benefits for you

Increase your strategic value through this new and important capability

Improved knowledge and skills: business case training provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of the process, tools, and techniques required to develop robust business cases.

Enhance your professional skills and develop your career with highly sought after skills.

Build confidence in your ability to develop and present business cases.

Communicate ideas more effectively and to be more persuasive in your arguments.

Benefits for your organisation

Demonstrate prudent and accountable procedures to assess investment decisions

Help employees and executives to develop better business cases, make informed decisions, and achieve better outcomes.

Providing staff and managers with the tools and techniques required to analyse and evaluate different options to identify the most effective solutions to problems and to achieve better outcomes for their organisations

Assist individuals to develop their teamwork and collaboration skills to achieve complex objectives.

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