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Business Simulation

Learn By Doing With Business Simulations

AcademyGlobal in collaboration with Hubro Education has been providing business simulations as an offering since 2021. Simulations are the ultimate way to tie theory and practice together. They boost learner engagement and outcomes by letting them run virtual companies via business simulation game.

Our Partners

Based in Norway, Hubro Education is a global provider of digital business simulation games for the education and corporate sector. Since their launch in 2015, their solutions have been used to teach management skills to more than 40,000 learners in more than 25 countries.

Our Online Business Simulations

Business Simulation

Run a production company in a group, in direct competition with other learners. Manage production, investments, pricing and financing of a virtual company to get hands on experience.


 Introduction to business

 Management accounting

 Financial accounting

Learning goals

 Decision making

 Product calculations

 Accounting and budgeting


Market Simulation

Analyse market segments, develop your marketing mix and create a product that fits customer needs. Compete directly with other companies to win and retain customers to maximise profitability.


 Principles of marketing

 Marketing management

 Marketing strategy

Learning goals


 Marketing mix

 Market strategy

 Market analysis

Finance Simulation

Determine the best way to finance a company’s operations and investments. Balance short term with medium and long term requirements for capital in order to maximise shareholder value.


 Corporate finance

 Financial management

 Company valuation

Learning goals




 Capital structure

Introduction Video

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