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CILT International Certificate (Warehouse and Inventory Management)

CILT International Certificate (Warehouse and Inventory Management)

Course Fee

$2,750 incl. GST


Virtual Workshop


3 days

Build Knowledge and Skills in Warehouse & Inventory Management

Excellence in warehouse and inventory management is vital for businesses ensuring timely product placement. Efficient management drives productivity, curb costs, and enhances customer experiences. Strategic inventory control promotes employment and minimises stock-outs and overstocking expenses.

According to CNBC’s latest survey, 61% of Supply Chain Managers anticipate a return to normalcy by 2024, facing challenges of skilled workforce shortages and inflate inventories that are straining warehouse capacity. Excitingly, emerging practices like AI, robotics, and blockchain offer competitive advantages to supply chain and warehousing professionals.

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport International Certificate (Warehouse and Inventory Management) will allow you to acquire skills tailored for 2024 and beyond. Explore leading practices in forecasting, automation, and more to earn your internationally recognised qualifications!

Key Content

Trends and modern practices in logistics and transport management

Supply Chain Management Fundamentals

Supply Chain Network Optimisation and Planning

Warehouse Management: Technology and design to optimise space, improve productivity and maximise opportunities for growth

Inventory Management: Forecasting and inventory optimisation technique and strategy to achieve competitive advantage

Course Format


3 Days Intensive

8.30am-4.30pm AEDT/AEST

The course is facilitated through our interactive Zoom workshops and additional eLearning resources


Virtual Workshop via Zoom


Course Fee: $2,750 (incl. GST)

Membership to the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) is included.


3 X 500 words work place application assessment tasks

Gain a comprehensive understanding of warehouse and inventory management principles and practices

Acquire skills in effective forecasting and demand planning to optimise inventory levels

Develop proficiency in implementing automation and technology solutions for streamlined operations

Learn strategies for efficient space utilisation and layout design within warehouses

Explore techniques to enhance inventory accuracy, reduce stockouts, and minimise overstocking

Master the art of evaluating key performance indicators to ensure continuous improvement in warehouse and inventory management processes

Benefits for you

Gain specialised skills that make you a valuable asset in the competitive field of warehouse and inventory management

Acquire knowledge to implement efficient processes, reducing costs and increasing productivity

Earn an internationally recognised qualification endorsed by CILT, showcasing your expertise to employers globally

Stay ahead with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in warehouse and inventory management, ensuring relevance in a rapidly evolving industry

Benefits for your organisation

Equip your team with advanced skills to enhance warehouse and inventory processes, leading to streamlined operations and cost savings

Knowledge gained from the course empowers your staff to implement efficient techniques, optimising resource utilisation and boosting productivity

Well-trained employees can make informed decisions about inventory levels, demand forecasting, and layout design, contributing to effective inventory management strategies

With an internationally recognised qualification from CILT, your organisation showcases its commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in warehouse and inventory management on a global stage

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