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CIPS Level 4 Diploma in Procurement and Supply

Course Fee

12-unit modules: $875 per module | 6-unit modules: $475 per module


Virtual workshop


6 credit modules: 4 x 2 hours | 12 credit modules: 6 x 2 hours

Accelerate your Skills in Procurement and Supply Chain 

The Level 4 Diploma in Procurement and Supply is a stepping stone to study on the CIPS Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply. The content has been written using the CIPS Procurement and Supply Cycle as its focus, which presents a cyclical process of key steps faced by those procuring goods or services. The Diploma offers the most common entry route to the profession and should be used by learners to develop a professional ‘toolbox’ which learners can apply in the practical environment and further develop at Levels 5 and 6.

In this way, successful learners will possess transferable workplace skills, developing their operational and tactical abilities as they strive for managerial roles and responsibilities. It is aimed at those in the profession who have procurement and supply activity at the heart of their role. Learners will be expected to provide advice and guidance to key stakeholders on the performance of organisational procedures and processes associated with procurement and supply and will aspire to manage developments in and improvements to the related functions. Transferable skills are those such as communication, teamwork, and planning and completing tasks to high standards, all of which enable the learner to add value to the organisation.

CIPS Approved Study Centre

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Core Modules

Core Modules

L4M1 Scope & influence of procurement and supply (12 credits)

L4M2 Defining business need (6 credits)

L4M3 Commercial contracting (6 credits)

L4M4 Ethical & responsible sourcing (6 credits)

L4M5 Commercial negotiation (6 credits)

L4M6 Supplier relationships (6 credits)

L4M7 Whole life asset management (6 credits)

L4M8 Procurement & supply in practice (12 credits)

Course Format


  • 6 credit modules: 4 x 2 hours
  • 12 credit modules: 6 x 2 hours


Virtual workshops

Develop an essential range of knowledge and tools that you can apply immediately in your workplace.

Learn how to apply practical, theoretical and technical knowledge, gain a clear understanding of procurement and supply and develop the ability to address complex, non-routine problems.

On completion, you will be able to analyse, interpret and evaluate relevant information and ideas and have an informed awareness of differing perspectives and approaches within the profession. You will also be able to review the effectiveness and appropriateness of methods, actions and results.

This is the only entry point onto CIPS Diploma qualifications. A minimum of Australian Year 12 or equivalent is required. Alternatively, you will need a minimum of two years’ relevant experience in a business environment.

Assessment for the Advanced Diploma is via an exam conducted during one of CIPS’ centrally conducted exam periods. There are generally 4 exam periods held throughout the year, and when studying with AG, we will take care of your exam registration and support you with administration.

There are two different types of exams, which are both delivered as computer based examinations (CBE):

Objective response (OR): These exams contain short questions in either multiple choice, drop-down list or drag and drop format. Objective response exams are conducted for 6 credit modules: L4M2, L4M3, L4M4, L4M5, L4M6 and L4M7. These exams are 1.5 hours long.

Constructive response (CR): These exams require students to construct their response to the question, either in the form of short answer questions or essay style questions. Constructive response exams are conducted for 12 credit modules: L4M1 and L4M8. These exams are 3 hours long.

Benefits for you

Kickstart your professional journey in procurement and supply with recognition and credibility

Acquire vital operational and managerial skills, positioning you to excel in procurement roles and contribute strategically to your organisation

Unlock advanced opportunities, take on higher responsibilities, and increase earning potential in the procurement field

Progress towards the esteemed MCIPS designation, showcasing expertise, dedication to growth, and industry relevance

Benefits for your organisation

Elevate your procurement team's skills in line with global standards, enabling more effective decision-making and streamlined processes.

Nurture employees' growth, boosting confidence to handle complex challenges, enhancing procurement efficiency, and contributing to overall success.

Showcase commitment to employee development, enhancing talent retention, and attracting skilled professionals seeking career advancement.

Support MCIPS accreditation through Diploma, Advanced Diploma, and Professional Diploma, enhancing both team's expertise and the organisation's industry reputation.

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