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CIPS Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply

Course Fee

12-unit modules: $875 per module | 6-unit modules: $475 per module


Virtual workshop


6 credit modules: 4 x 2 hours | 12 credit modules: 6 x 2 hours

Master your Skills in Procurement and Supply Chain 

The Level 5 Advanced Diploma is designed for individuals working at or aspiring to the Managerial and Professional levels of the CIPS Global Standard for Procurement and Supply. The Advanced Diploma is designed for the more experienced members of the profession who are expected to develop, improve and fulfill functional business objectives and also formulate direction.

Building on the CIPS Level 4 Diploma, this qualification provides senior buyers, contract and supply chain managers with the expertise to improve organisational procurement and to fulfil organisational objectives. It gives you the knowledge base to reduce cost, improve quality and timescales, manage the supply chain and deal with legal issues.

CIPS Approved Study Centre

AcademyGlobal CIPS Approved
Key Content
Core Modules

L5M1 Managing Teams and Individuals (12 credits)

L5M2 Managing Supply Chain Risks (6 credits)

L5M3 Managing Contractual Risks (6 credits)

L5M4 Advanced Contract and Financial Management (12 credits)

L5M5 Managing Ethical Procurement and Supply (6 credits)

Elective Modules

L5M6 Category Management (6 credits)

L5M7 Achieving Competitive Advantage Through the Supply Chain (6 credits)

L5M8 Project and Change Management (6 credits)

L5M9 Operations Management (6 credits)

L5M10 Logistics Management (6 credits)

L5M15 Advanced Negotiation (6 credits)

Course Format

Distance Mode

•  6 credit modules: 4 x 2 hours virtual workshops
•  12 credit modules: 6 x 2 hours virtual workshops

Course Fee

12-credit modules: $875 per module | 6-credit modules: $475 per module

Develop a higher level of practical, theoretical and technical knowledge and understanding of procurement and supply.

How to deal with key aspects of risk in supply chains and mitigation of those risks.

Process and evaluate contracts and the impact of legal implications when contracts are breached.

On completion of this qualification you can expect to improve your overall organisational procurement and supply performance to fulfil your organisational objectives.

You will need to have achieved the CIPS Level 4 Diploma in Procurement and Supply.

Assessment for the Advanced Diploma is via an exam conducted during one of CIPS’ centrally conducted exam periods. There are generally 4 exam periods held throughout the year, and when studying with AG, we will take care of your exam registration and support you with administration.

There are two different types of exams, which are both delivered as computer-based examinations (CBE):

Objective response (OR): These exams contain short questions in either multiple choice, drop-down list or drag and drop format. Objective response exams are conducted for 6 credit modules. These exams are 1.5 hours long.

Constructive response (CR): These exams require students to construct their response to the question, either in the form of short answer questions or essay style questions. Constructive response exams are conducted for 12 credit modules. These exams are 3 hours long.

Benefits for you

Gain expertise aligned with global standards, boosting your career growth and potential

Choose electives that match your goals, ensuring practical and relevant skills.

Develop skills for effective procurement strategies and goal achievement.

Progress toward MCIPS accreditation, showcasing your expertise in the field.

Benefits for your organisation

Employees acquire global-standard expertise, driving more effective procurement strategies

Tailored learning improves skills aligned with company objectives, enhancing performance

Enhanced decision-making leads to streamlined operations and goal attainment

Progression towards MCIPS boosts the organisation's reputation and competitiveness

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