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Internship Program

Client Projects

Each project stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering impactful solutions that drive success. From enhancing negotiation tactics to fostering effective leadership strategies, optimising contract processes to streamlining procurement operations, and orchestrating seamless project plans, our collaboration with a range of clients showcases the depth and breadth of our expertise. Dive into these real-world examples where academia meets practical application, and witness the transformational outcomes achieved through our dedicated approach and comprehensive understanding of these crucial domains.

Our Projects

These real-world examples illustrate our commitment to delivering practical solutions that drive success. From negotiation and leadership to contract management and so much more, each project reflects our comprehensive understanding of these fields and our ability to turn knowledge into impactful results.

Major Organisational Transition through Rapid Business Growth
Government Agency-Wide Procurement and Contracting Systems Training
Contract Management Framework for State-Owned Corporation
Business Planning Facilitation for one of Australia’s Largest and Growing Councils
Negotiation Skills for a Major Agricultural Multinational

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