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Coaching for Leaders and Managers

Coaching for Leaders and Managers


Face-to-face or virtual workshop


1 day

Master Coaching to Optimise Performance

This practical course aims to highlight and promote active engagement with the ToGROW coaching model within the leadership context. The goal is to enhance individual performance, development, and team collaboration. By attending this workshop, you will gain essential skills and tools to empower their staff, helping them navigate their career paths and ignited improved performance.

The course’s objective is to provide you with the skills to effectively use the ToGROW model, guiding both personal and team growth, and ultimately contributing to improved performance outcomes.

Key Content

Coaching as an essential leadership capability

How coaching differs from mentoring, instructing, feedback, counselling, and training

The benefits of coaching for both the coachee and coach

When to utilise coaching vs. when to provide directive management

Attributes that make a great coach

The ToGROW Model and how to develop, frame and ask questions

Key skills for coaches: listening, thought-provoking questions, feedback, and empowerment

Rapport building, setting goals, advanced questions, and reframing

How to identify gaps and where to focus coaching efforts

When to coach for performance vs coach for development

Course Format


1 day


Face-to-face or virtual workshop

Work-based activities, including presentations, group tasks and case studies

Understand the coaching mindset: how coaching is key to a manager and differences between coaching and other developmental strategies

Demonstrated skill of listening, thought-provoking questions, feedback, and empowerment

Increased confidence through mastering coaching role plays

Apply coaching for performance, coaching for development, coaching team collaboration

Demonstrate the components of ToGROW Model in scenario settings

Develop outline for a coaching conversation with direct reports

Benefits for you

Develop clearer and more effective communication skills

Equips you with skills to navigate and resolve conflicts within teams

Learn to make informed decisions aligned with organisational strategy and goals

Enable leaders to foster employee growth and engagement effectively

Benefits for your organisation

Enhanced leadership skills through improved communication and guidance

Strengthened team dynamics by fostering conflict resolution expertise

Informed decision-making aligned with organisational objectives

Nurtured talent and professional growth, boosting employee satisfaction and performance

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