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Contract Negotiation Skills


Face-to-face or virtual workshop


1 day

Master the Art of Contract Negotiation to Unlock Value and Build Partnerships

Effective contract negotiation is an essential skill for professionals and managers seeking to achieve maximum value from their commercial agreements.

This practical and intensive workshop is designed to guide you through the balance between legally enforcing your contractual rights and simultaneously managing relationships with your key counterparts. Commencing with an overview of crucial commercial terms and conditions, you will then delve into a comprehensive framework designed to address and resolve contractual performance issues and disputes.

Through combining theoretical insights with practical role-plays, this course equips you to skilfully navigate the complexities of contract negotiation, ultimately fostering successful outcomes and nurturing enduring business relationships.

Key Content

The role of negotiation in delivering value from commercial contracts

Understand the key ingredients for all successful contract negotiations

Apply a framework for planning, executing, and closing out negotiated agreements

Identifying and dealing with tactics and ploys of deception

What if negotiation fails? - alternative dispute resolution and litigation

Course Format


1 day


Face-to-face or virtual workshop

A review of best-practice, role-plays, and team-based discussion and experience-sharing

Why the legal documents are often not enough to achieve maximum value from agreements

Strategise different negotiation approaches depending upon the context and circumstances

Recognise the importance of legal rights and obligations in contracts, but also the limits of relying on these solely

Understand the importance of personal relationships, but also how these can limit value creation and value protection from contracts

Recognising the interests of all key parties to a negotiation

Increase confidence and develop an extensive negotiation plan to more effectively direct negotiations and conflict resolution

Understand the role of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and when to apply these

Benefits for you

Increase your value to your team and organisation with this key capability

Elevate your ability to secure favourable terms and agreements

Gain comprehensive understanding of contractual legalities for confident negotiations

Improve relationship management skills to complement contractual frameworks

Develop a strategic mindset to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes

Benefits for your organisation

Create and protect value through reducing commercial risks to the organisation

Enhance contractual terms for improved organisational outcomes

Minimise legal vulnerabilities through adept contract understanding

Forge stronger relationships through combined contractual and interpersonal skills

Develop a reputation for strategic agreements, bolstering competitiveness

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