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Corporate Credit and Risk Analysis

Corporate Credit and Risk Analysis


Face-to-face or virtual workshop


2 days

Gain the Expertise to Perform Corporate Credit and Risk Analysis

Develop the confidence to undertake corporate credit and risk assessment. This course offers an essential framework for unravelling the intricacies of credit assessment and risk management. By integrating both qualitative and quantitative data, you will explore the nuances of risk evaluation and develop your abilities in utilising these techniques for in-depth analysis of firms and industries.

Immerse yourself in this hands-on experience to enhance your financial expertise and refine your decision-making skills. Join us to acquire the skills required to navigate the evolving landscape of corporate credit and risk.

Key Content

Macro context of corporate credit and risk analysis

Overview of risk management

Identification of stakeholders and legal responsibilities

Interpreting the balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flows

Analyse the origins of profit in financial reporting

Applying and utilising the financial ratio analysis

Using key financial statements in economic decision making

Course Format


2 days


Face-to-face or virtual workshop

Work-based activities, including presentations, group tasks and case studies.

Analyse the credit evaluation principles and learn the fundamentals of assessing creditworthiness and repayment ability

Understand how to interpret financial statements to gauge a company's financial health

Acquire skills to identify and quantify potential risks associated with corporate credit

Learn to evaluate the impact of industry trends and market conditions on credit risks

Understand how to structure loans and implement strategies to mitigate credit risks

Apply concepts through practical case studies to analyse actual corporate credit scenarios

Benefits for you

Attain highly valuable and marketable career knowledge and skills to assess and manage risks associated with financial risk exposures

Improve your confidence to make well-informed decisions by understanding strategic assessments, creditworthiness and a wide range of risk factors

Acquire skills to analyse financial statements and industry data for accurate risk assessment

Gain insights into diverse industries, aiding comprehensive risk analysis

Benefits for your organisation

Protect your organisation from financial risks and contract performance risks through developing staff and management skills in credit risk management.

Demonstrate commitment to the development of staff and managers in their role to develop skills to identify and manage credit risks effectively

Improve teams ability to make better financial decisions by understanding creditworthiness and risk factors

Create an enhanced ability to maintain a high-quality credit portfolio through accurate analysis

Demonstrate better governance and risk assessment, building trust with financial and non-financial stakeholders

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