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Cost Benefit Analysis Fundamentals

Cost Benefit Analysis Fundamentals


Face-to-face or virtual workshop


1 day

Gain the Essential Knowledge to Undertake a Cost Benefit Analysis

In this workshop, you will gain essential knowledge and skills for conducting effective cost-benefit analysis. You will learn to identify, forecast, and assess costs and benefits, and apply qualitative techniques. The workshop covers risk assessment, sensitivity testing, and result reporting.

This workshop will enhance your understanding of finance and accounting principles, strengthen your budgeting and financial management abilities, and refine your budget planning process by incorporating cost-benefit analyses for various options.

Key Content

Benefits and limitations of a cost benefit analysis

Cost/benefit analysis’ key role in the development of a business case

Identify your project and its financial and non-financial stakeholders

Defining the key objectives of your proposal

Cost benefits and the cost and benefits valuation

Identifying and mitigating risks

Identifying criteria used for evaluating projects: NPV and BCR

Conducting a simple sensitivity analysis

Preparing and presenting an elevator pitch

Course Format


1 day


Face-to-face or virtual workshop

Work-based activities, including presentations, group tasks and case studies

Learn to establish precise strategic objectives for robust cost benefit analysis

Understand the role of options development in exploring informed alternatives

Master advanced techniques to categorise costs and benefits, considering qualitative nuances and broader impacts

Develop skills to assess net benefits using metrics like NPV and BCR

Gain insights into post-evaluation's importance and how to implement it effectively

Benefits for you

Gain skills to evaluate costs and benefits for well-informed decisions aligned with goals

Develop abilities to assess alternatives, quantify outcomes, and analyse risks for effective resource allocation

Acquire sought-after skills for rigorous analysis, positioning you as an asset for efficient resource management and project success

Learn to present complex analyses with clarity, empowering you to communicate insights persuasively to stakeholders and colleagues

Benefits for your organisation

Equip your staff to allocate resources strategically based on thorough cost benefit assessments

Enhance project selection by aligning decisions with objectives and maximising value

Foster transparency by justifying choices with robust analyses, enhancing accountability

Gain insights to make informed decisions, ensuring projects align with goals and yield optimal returns

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