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Effective Conflict & Communication Skills

Effective Conflict & Communication Skills


Face-to-face or virtual workshop


1 day

Enhance your Skills in Managing Conflict and Communication

In a world of diverse interactions, mastering conflict navigation and communication is crucial. This comprehensive course provides you with essential skills for constructive conflict resolution and open dialogue.

From personal to professional contexts, conflicts are inevitable, making these abilities invaluable. Beyond traditional approaches, we delve into communication fundamentals, active listening, empathy, and negotiation techniques.

Key Content

Conflict dynamics and root causes

Active listening for empathetic connections

Navigating assertiveness for respectful self-expression

Overview of negotiation and collaboration strategies

Exploring tough conversations with diverse communication tools

Skills for harmony in personal and professional life

Course Format


1 day


Face-to-face or virtual workshop

A mix of lecture-style presentations, group discussions, and interactive activities including hands-on exercises and simulations to apply concepts

Identify the benefits of constructive conflict and misconceptions on conflict

Understand the conflict cycle, its causes and warning signals

Recognise communication barriers and understand the communication process

Identify personal communication and conflict handling styles

Apply active listening and effective questioning skills

Understand the role of mediation and confidentiality

Adopt a mediation or facilitation role with ease

Apply techniques to effectively manage different emotions

Understand emotional intelligence and its use in conflict resolution

Deliver feedback more effectively

Benefits for you

Develop advanced negotiation skills to secure more favourable terms and outcomes

Acquire strategies for clear and effective communication during complex negotiations

Gain techniques to navigate challenges and conflicts, leading to successful agreements

Develop the ability to establish stronger and more productive business relationships

Benefits for your organisation

Enhanced negotiation skills lead to more favourable terms and contracts, benefiting the organisation's bottom line

Acquired skills foster better communication and collaboration across departments during negotiations

Improved conflict resolution abilities contribute to smoother negotiations and improved working relationships

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