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Introduction to ESG


Virtual workshop via Zoom


2 hours

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is no longer a niche concern. Today, it’s a critical factor for investors, consumers, and employees alike. AcademyGlobal understands this shift and is proud to introduce our Micro-credential: Introduction to ESG.

This program offers a comprehensive overview of ESG and its role in mitigating business risks.

The course will deep dive into each element of ESG – environmental, social, and governance – and explore how their interconnectedness can impact your company and its stakeholders. The course will equip you to understand corporate pressures and stakeholder expectations. You’ll learn how these factors influence risk identification and ultimately, business success. Finally, we’ll explore key considerations from both the company and investor perspectives.

This micro-credential is designed for professionals who want to gain a solid foundation in ESG and its impact on the modern business landscape.

Following participation in the 2-hour workshop and successful completion of multiple-choice assessment at the end of program, you will be awarded with a digital badge certification.

Learning Outcomes

Define ESG and understand its growing importance.

Leverage ESG information to assess risk, reward, and management effectiveness.

Analyse how stakeholder expectations shape corporate behaviour.

Identify critical considerations for both corporations and investors.

Digital Badge

Upon successful completion of the Micro-credential in Introduction to ESG, share your Micro-credential on LinkedIn and other digital platforms.


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