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Finance, Risk & Project Management

Finance, Risk & Project Management

Finance, Risk & Project Management

Few managerial and executive capabilities have transitioned from “nice to haves” to “must haves,” including finance, risk management, and project management knowledge. A recent Forbes article on “predictions-for-2023-from-the-career-experts” highlights the increasing importance of merging technical and soft skills. Today, managers are expected to be able to understand and act on advice from specialists in finance, risk, or projects.

The functions of procurement, product development, and project management require interdisciplinary expertise. Managing procurement activities as projects can improve planning and strategy, enhance risk management and lead to increased efficiency and productivity. Poor project management, combined with insufficient risk assessment can lead to significant consequences, as exemplified in a recent report on the failed Queensland geothermal plant project.

While techniques and project management methodologies have evolved, learning from failure remains a crucial aspect. The World Economic Forum‘s annual global risk report highlights formidable challenges and risks ahead. Amidst a low-growth era, preserving climate action, human development, and resilience involves challenging trade-offs.

AcademyGlobal stands as a premier provider of professional education, with a global presence and experienced faculty specialising in finance, risk, and project management leadership.

Finance, Risk & Project Management Courses

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Finance, Risk & Project Management Market Insights

Employment Statistics
$1,848 Average Weekly Earnings*

Average full-time earnings of Finance, Risk and Project Management roles.

9.3% Employment Future Growth*

Finance, Risk and Project Management occupations are expected to grow by 9.3% in 2026.

164,700 Currently Employed*

164,700 people are employed in Finance, Risk and Project Management roles as their main job.

*Labour Market Insights, 2021
Employment Pathway

The finance, risk, and project management courses opens doors to diverse employment opportunities in fields such as banking, investment, risk analysis, project management, consulting, and strategic planning across various industries. Extensive experience or a formal qualification is needed to work as a Logistics and Supply Chain Manager (Labour Market Insights, 2022).

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