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Financial Literacy for Grants Administration and Management

Financial Literacy for Grants Administration and Management


Face-to-face or virtual workshop


1 day

Mastering Grant Management through Financial Literacy

The financial literacy for grants course provides essential knowledge and skills required to efficiently manage and utilise grant funds. You will gain insights into budgeting, financial reporting, and compliance requirements, enhancing their ability to navigate the financial aspects of grand-funded projects. This course is designed to empower you with the financial expertise needed to optimise the impact of grants while ensuring transparency and accountability in financial management.

Key Content

Understanding the concept of grants, their significance, and the financial responsibilities attached to them

Developing detailed budgets that align with project goals and satisfy grant requirements

Evaluating financial reports and audited statements of Grantee organisations

Risk Management and risk mitigation strategies for grant-funded projects

Regulatory adherence and compliance surrounding grants, ensuring adherence to grant agreement guidelines

How to optimise impact and sustainability of grant funds on project outcomes

Course Format


1 day


Face-to-face or virtual workshop

Work-based activities, including presentations, group tasks and case studies

Develop the confidence and skill to create and manage budgets tailored to grant-funded projects, ensuring financial stability and effective resource allocation

Learn to generate clear and accurate financial reports for grants and facilitate transparent communication with stakeholders

Acquire skills to identify potential financial risks associated with grants and implement strategies to mitigate them

Understand the intricacies of grant regulations and compliance, ensuring adherence to financial guidelines and regulations to maintain funding eligibility

Gain insights into strategically aligning grant funds with project objectives, optimising financial decisions for impactful project outcomes

Develop the ability to provide transparent and accountable financial management of grant funds, fostering trust among donors, partners, and beneficiaries

Benefits for you

Develop valuable skills and knowledge to effectively manage grant funds, optimising financial decisions

Learn how to create accurate financial reports, enhancing transparency and compliance

Acquire the capability to identify and mitigate financial risks associated with grants

Gain the ability and confidence to maximise the impact of grants while adhering to policy and financial guidelines

Benefits for your organisation

Demonstrate organisation’s capability and competence to administer grants within a framework of financial accountability

Enhanced skills in budgeting and financial reporting lead to more efficient and effective utilisation of grant funds

Improved understanding of grant regulations ensures compliance and fosters transparent financial management

Acquired risk management strategies safeguard against financial pitfalls in grant-funded projects

Transparent financial reporting builds trust and credibility among donors, partners, and beneficiaries

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