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Our range of thoughtfully crafted content encompasses an array of themes, including business simulation, leadership, procurement, change management, finance, risk assessment, and beyond. Whether you’re an aspiring leader, a finance enthusiast, or a change management maverick, our insights offer valuable perspectives and practical knowledge to empower you on your journey. Delve into the world of expertise we’ve meticulously cultivated and embark on a continuous learning experience with our diverse insight topics.

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Explore our collection of enriching insights, each thoughtfully curated to delve into topics ranging from business simulations to procurement

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How to Manage Global Supply Chains
How to Manage Global Supply Chains

Gain valuable insights into global supply chain management from expert advisor Leigh Obradovic. Navigate economic fluctuations and geopolitical factors with strategic guidance.

Redefining Urban Access: The 30-Minute City Concept

Discover the revolutionary concept of the 30-Minute City and how it prioritises accessibility and efficiency in urban planning.

How to become a Public Sector Procurement Specialist
How to become a Public Sector Procurement Specialist in 2024

Navigate the world of public sector procurement with ease. Learn the strategies and skills necessary to become a procurement specialist and make a difference in 2024 and beyond.

The Role of Sustainable Supply Chains in Reducing Environmental Impact in Australia

Discover how sustainable supply chain integrate environmental, social, and economic factors to reduce impact and boost sustainability.

Boosting Knowledge Retention Through Business Simulation

Transforming learning and empowering decision-making: explore the role of business simulations in fostering collaboration, skill acquisition, and a future-ready workforce.

Optimising Supply Chain Management through Simulated Learning

Discover how to harness the potential of AI powered learning processes in the supply chain and logistics sector.

Empowering Students with Sustainable Education through Online Business Simulations

Explore how online business simulations are revolutionising sustainable education, bridging the gap between theory and practice through an immersive experiences that navigates real-world challenges.

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