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Mentoring Program for Women in Procurement, Logisitics and Supply Chain

Our Mentoring Program is now closed. Register your interest for our next program in the second half of 2024 here:


$190 incl. GST payable


Virtual and In Person

AcademyGlobal is a leading corporate and government training firm based in Australia, with 20 years’ experience in developing capability. Our highly structured and resourced Mentoring Program will provide you with the opportunity for confidential career discussions and feedback from an industry leader, and gain new insights and expand your professional network.

The program is designed to support mentees through providing the opportunity to learn from the experience, expertise and wisdom of female leaders across logistics and supply.

The program will commence in May 2024 and run over 6 months, with a minimum commitment of 1-2 hours each month for 1 on 1 sessions (either virtual or face to face) with your mentor. Mentors will be matched with a mentee and provided with a framework and guide for structuring mentoring sessions. Mentoring activities may include strategies to build confidence and develop leadership skills, sharing industry knowledge and networking.

The program will kick off with a briefing session, before running over 6 mentoring sessions and concluding with a close-out event to reflect and recognise achievements.

Mentoring progam inclusions:

  • Mentee matching process to select your ideal Mentor
  • Structured mentoring program tailored to your professional needs
  • 6 x 1-2 hour mentoring sessions with your Mentor
  • Invitations to AcademyGlobal’s industry leading webinars to learn from industry professionals
  • Discounts on the following professional coaching programs to continue receiving professional guidance after the mentoring program:
    • Coaching for Leaders and Managers: Foundation Course
    • Coaching for Leaders and Managers: Advanced Course

Mentee application process:

AcademyGlobal will match mentees with mentors based on experience, career objectives, and where possible, work or home location provided in the participant’s application and preference for either virtual or face to face mentoring.

Please complete the Application Form before 5pm AEST 14th April

  • You will need to provide a reference to support your application
  • All successful applicants are required to attend the kick off briefing session.
  • Once the matching has been completed, participants will receive an email with the details of the kick-off meeting.

Why join AcademyGlobal's mentoring program?

  • To develop your professional network
  • To gain valuable career insights
  • To receive guidance from an industry leader



How long will the mentoring program run for?

The Mentoring Program runs for 6 months, from May to October 2024.

Who can apply to the mentoring program?

The program is open to women throughout Australia and New Zealand at any stage in their career, be they graduates, mid-career or looking to make a career change. Both mentors and mentees are required to complete a detailed application form and will be matched based on goals and experience.

We aim to have mentors available face to face throughout Australia and New Zealand, but in the event we cannot find a match for you in your location we will offer virtual mentoring sessions.

What is the cost?

An administrative fee of $190 incl. GST is payable on successful acceptance on to the program.

How do I apply?

Applications for the Australia and New Zealand Mentoring Program for Women in Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain are open until 5pm AEST 14th April. Please complete the application form before this date. You will need to provide a current CV and a reference letter supporting your application as part of this process.

Why do I need to answer so many questions as part of my application?

Completing the application form will allow us to ‘match’ mentors and mentees effectively, based on the experience, skills and goals you both want to achieve from the program, in addition to location information and preference for virtual or face to face mentoring sessions.

When will I know if I have been successful and who I've been matched with?

Once applications have closed, we will be reviewing the information provided and using this to match mentors to mentees. If a suitable match is not available, we will add you to the waitlist for future programs.

You will hear from us in late April as to whether your application has been successful along with an invite to the kick-off briefing session before the program commences.

What will I have to do if my application is successful?

If you are accepted on to the program, you will need to attend the following virtual sessions:

  • Mentoring Program Kick-off Briefing Session – TBC late April
  • Mentoring Program Close-out Event – TBC October

Attendance at the briefing session will provide you with the knowledge and skills to have a successful mentoring relationship and provide you with an overview of the structure that will be used to run the mentoring sessions. It will then be up to each mentor/mentee pair to establish their own timetables for their one-on-one meetings, which should take place at least monthly for the program period.

Will discussions between mentees and mentors be confidential?

Mentee/mentor relationships should be based on trust, and all discussions between you and your mentor will remain confidential. You will be able to agree with your mentoring partner as to how you will handle confidentiality between you.

Who can I contact for more information?

If you’re interested and would like further information on the program, please contact

Can I apply for this program if I'm based outside Australia and New Zealand?

This program is currently limited to applicants from Australia and New Zealand. If you are outside this region and interested in participating in a mentoring program, please contact for more information.

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