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Movement of People

Movement of People


Virtual Workshop


8 x 2 hours

Understand the Dynamics for the Movement of People

This course provides foundational knowledge for understanding the movement of people on both national and international scales. It delves into how operations of passenger transport respond to the unique traits of such movements, with a particular focus on efficiently managing interchange points and their locations, as well as establishing crucial communication links that facilitate control and verification.

By enrolling in this unit, you will grasp the intricate dynamics that influence the transportation of individuals, whether locally or across borders. It underscores the significance of strategic operations, well-placed interchange points, and robust communication networks in ensuring the seamless and coordinated movement of people.

Key Content

Characteristics of various types of service required

Impact of resources on the types of service

On-demand and own account transport

Developing skills for seamless, efficient systems of integrated transport

Navigating complexities in international movement

Mastering efficient operations and strategic placement

Course Format


8 x 2 hours


Virtual Workshop via Zoom

Work-based activities, including presentations, group work and case studies

Understand the characteristics and nature of different passenger types

Navigate the impact of geography, demography and land-use on transport needs

Understand the points of origin and destination as traffic generators and the consequent volumes of traffic

Explore the variety of journey types and their implications on service provision

Know the suitability of the various modes of transport for the movement of people

Understand the capacity and resource requirements of the transport infrastructure

Understand the characteristics of various types of service that may be required

Understand the impact of resources on the types of service

Know the factors that favour on-demand and own account transport, and their disadvantages

Benefits for you

Acquire specialised knowledge in effectively managing passenger movement

Streamline operations with insights into optimal interchange management

Navigate international movement complexities confidently

Gain valuable strategies for seamless, integrated transport systems

Benefits for your organisation

Enhance services and elevate passenger experience with optimised movement strategies

Streamline transport processes for improved productivity and cost-effectiveness

Navigate cross-border complexities seamlessly, expanding operational reach

Infuse innovative approaches to transportation, fostering growth and adaptability

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