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Procurement Ecosystem

Navigating the Procurement Ecosystem


Virtual workshop Via Zoom


2 hours

Elevate your strategic approach to procurement with an exploration of the ‘Procurement Ecosystem’ micro-credential, tailored for executives seeking to optimise their procurement processes and outcomes.

This micro-credential will guide you through the nuances of the procurement ecosystem, from foundational concepts to sophisticated strategies for managing Source-to-Contract (S2C), Procure-to-Pay (P2P), Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), and Contract Management (CM).

Join us for this 2-hour intensive interactive workshop and gain insights into effective sourcing, contract, purchasing, and payment channels, alongside strategies for enhancing user experiences and managing triage processes.

Following participation in the 2-hour workshop and successful completion of a quiz at the end of program, you will be awarded with a digital badge certification.

Course Fee: $95 incl. GST

Key Content

Gain insights into the procurement ecosystem, including key principles and operational model.

Gain insights into the journey of business owners and users within the procurement process.

Understand the key channels: sourcing, contracting, purchasing, and payments.

Decode the intricacies of category management: commercial and performance standards.

Consider strategies to manage risk, control leakage and maverick spend, ensure compliance, and achieve savings.

Digital Badge

Upon successful completion of the Micro-credential in Navigating Procurement Ecosystem, share your Micro-credential on LinkedIn and other digital platforms.

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