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Negotiation for Procurement

Negotiation for Procurement


Face-to-face or virtual workshop


1 day

Improve your Skills in Negotiation in Procurement and Contract Management Activities

This course recognises the importance of effective negotiation when engaging in procurement and contract management activities with key stakeholders, noting the challenges posed by conflicting priorities in negotiation situations. The program is designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and strategies essential for successful negotiation in a procurement context.

You will learn practical negotiation and influencing techniques and how to apply these skills into practice through a series of sourcing and contract management case studies, role-playing exercises, and self-reflection. The program will enhance your understanding of the negotiation process, increase your confidence in achieving desired outcomes, and foster improved relationships with stakeholders.

Key Content

Overview of the significance of negotiation in procurement and contract management

Overcoming challenges in negotiation from conflicting priorities and competing interests

Tools and strategies for procurement professionals for successful negotiations

Outline of tailored negotiation techniques for procurement

Addressing roadblocks and conflicts in procurement negotiations

Confidence-building strategies for complex procurement negotiation outcomes

Applying strategies through negotiation simulations and real-life cases

Course Format


1 day


Face-to-face or virtual workshop

Content is delivered through a mix of work-based activities, including role plays, group discussions, and case studies.

Develop a comprehensive understanding of how negotiation shapes procurement processes and outcomes

Learn strategies to manage power imbalances when negotiating between public sector buyers and the commercial sector

Ensure ethical conduct and maintain probity throughout the negotiation process

Identify negotiation's pivotal role in driving value for money within public sector procurement

Explore potential challenges and pitfalls specific to procurement negotiations and learn strategies to address them

Gain proficiency in recognising and using various negotiation approaches tailored to specific circumstances

Benefits for you

Gain a deeper understanding of the role of negotiation in procurement and contract management

Acquire valuable strategies and skills to effectively handle negotiations with key stakeholders

Improve your confidence in managing conflicting priorities and competing interests during negotiations

Develop proficiency in identifying potential roadblocks and conflicts, enabling you to address them proactively in negotiation situations

Benefits for your organisation

Strengthened procurement capabilities lead to cost-efficient purchasing, improved supplier relationships, and increased overall productivity

Enhanced negotiation skills of procurement teams result in securing better deals, reducing contract disputes, and optimising value for money

Streamlined procurement processes with effective negotiation contribute to achieving project objectives and meeting deadlines promptly

Improved risk management and conflict resolution during negotiations minimise potential legal and reputational risks for the organisation

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