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Negotiation Masterclass

Negotiation Masterclass


Face-to-face or virtual workshop


2 days

Mastering Negotiation – Masterclass

Elevate your negotiation skills with this comprehensive course. Delve into advanced techniques, strategic communication, and psychological insights to excel in high-stakes negotiations. Build the confidence to navigate complexities and achieve optimal outcomes, positioning yourself as a true master of negotiation dynamics. This immersive learning experience equips you with the tools to handle diverse scenarios, from business deals to interpersonal interactions, fostering success in every endeavour.

Whether you’re a professional aiming to enhance your career or an individual seeking effective communication strategies, this course empowers you to negotiate with finesse, influence with impact, and secure agreements that drive mutual satisfaction. Join us today to unlock your negotiation potential and shape a more successful future.


Key Content

Understand the key ingredients for all successful negotiations

Analysing advanced strategies, from value-based bargaining to creating win-win

Apply a universal framework for negotiation – planning to execution and completion

Psychological principles that influence decision-making and negotiation

Crafting and delivering messages that resonate with different stakeholders

Navigating multi-party negotiations and cross-cultural contexts

Ethical considerations in successful negotiations and creating mutual benefits

Apply strategies through role-plays and analysing real-world negotiations

Course Format


2 days


Face-to-face or virtual workshop

Content includes a mix of lecture-style presentations, role plays, group discussions, and interactive activities including hands-on exercises and simulations

Plan, execute and close-out negotiations using a universal framework of negotiation

Acquire advanced negotiation techniques to optimise results in diverse scenarios

Develop persuasive communication skills that effectively sway decisions and build rapport with counterparts

Understand the psychology behind negotiation dynamics, enabling better anticipation and response

Navigate complex negotiation situations, adapting strategies for maximum advantage

Apply ethics in negotiations, fostering win-win outcomes while maintaining integrity

Practice strategies through simulations and actual negotiation cases

Benefits for you

Acquire a highly valued and transferable life skill

Develop persuasive communication abilities that drive sustainable outcomes

Gain confidence to plan and navigate negotiations, from multi-party deals to sensitive gender and cross-cultural contexts

Apply psychological insights and ethical considerations to secure optimal results, setting you apart as a skilled negotiator

Benefits for your organisation

Provide your team members with negotiation skills, leading to reduce internal and third-party disagreements

Acquired influential communication strategies enhance collaboration and understanding during negotiations

Enhanced ability to navigate complex scenarios fosters successful negotiations, reduces costs and the risks of litigation

Improved negotiation proficiency enhances the organisation's reputation for professionalism

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