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Negotiation Skills for a Major Agricultural Multinational

This organisation was going through significant organisational change and had a requirement for improved teamwork between its country offices and divisions, and within its departments. After recently acquiring a substantial new business, a regional restructure was likely to lead to job losses. By maintaining a positive and constructive forward-looking approach, AcademyGlobal was able to encourage participants to remain focused on the training and take confidence from the fact that irrespective of the outcomes of the restructure, they would be more confident and capable to face a potentially uncertain future environment.

The training needs analysis identified that conflict resolution skills and negotiation skills would help to improve inter-team and intra-team performance. Based on discussions with senior leadership, line management and representatives of staff, AcademyGlobal developed a three-day intensive face-to-face facilitated workshop that was held in Melbourne twice throughout 2019.

Scenarios and case studies that simulated the real-world workplace were developed so participants could build knowledge and understanding to underpin the skills development process. This took place through structured role plays with facilitators and peer feedback.

The feedback received from participants, line managers and sponsors confirmed that the training provided useful, practical skills and a framework for resolving difficulties. It also provided a forum for participants to rebuild relationships.

For staff and managers involved in commercial negotiations with external parties, there was evidence that, following the training, negotiations were undertaken more smoothly and confidently and delivered better commercial outcomes.

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