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Procurement & Contract Management

Procurement & Contract Management

Procurement & Contract Management

Procurement and Contract Management are crucial capabilities for both public sector and large private sector entities. There has never been a greater need to demonstrate value for money, incorporate sustainability considerations, undertake risk management, and align with strategic goals. 

Emerging trends highlighted in the Wall Street Journal emphasise the pivotal role of supplier relationship management (SRM) procurement within corporate strategy amid supply chain volatility. 

AcademyGlobal, as a leading training provider across public sector and private sector organisations, offers comprehensive locally and globally recognised workshops and qualifications in Procurement and Contract Management. 

Our programs operate in collaboration with prestigious universities, international professional organisations, and industry associations. We serve as the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) study centre partner, facilitating CIPS Diploma and Advanced Diploma training in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Our faculty members include FCIPS-designated experts with recognised procurement leadership experience across public and private domains.

In partnership with UQ Skills from the University of Queensland, AcademyGlobal delivers nationally recognised qualifications: the Diploma of Procurement and Contracting and the Advanced Diploma of Procurement and Contracting. These ASQA-registered qualifications feature meticulous design, delivery, and assessment components.

As observed by the BBC, the future holds great promise, with procurement’s influence increasingly shaping sustainable and social outcomes for public and private sectors alike.

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Procurement and Contract Management Courses

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Procurement and Contract Management Market Insights

Employment Statistics
$2,698 Average Weekly Earnings*

Average full-time earnings of a Procurement and Contract Management role.

3.5% Employment Future Growth*

Procurement and Contract Management occupations are predicted to grow by 3.5% in 2026.

53,700 Currently Employed*

53,700 people are employed in Procurement and Contract Management roles as their main job in 2021.

*Labour Market Insights, 2021
Employment Pathway

Completion of a course within the procurement and contract management area can lead to future careers as procurement managers, contract administrators, supply chain analysts, procurement consultants, and vendor relationship managers in both public and private sectors. As extensive experience or a formal qualification is needed to work as a Procurement Manager (Labour Market Insights, 2022). The CIPS Diploma could be your path to greater opportunities within this sector.

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