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Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing


Face-to-face or virtual workshop


1 day

Master Strategic Sourcing Essentials and Maximise Procurement Potential

This course equips procurement professionals with essential knowledge and tactics to strategically navigate complex supplier relationships, optimise processes, and leverage cost-saving opportunities. Engage in dynamic lessons and hands-on exercises to explore the intricacies of strategic sourcing, reshaping your organisation’s procurement strategies for sustained and impactful success. Gain insights into efficient supplier management, process refinement, and the art of maximising cost-efficiency.

This course ensures participants acquire the skills needed to improve procurement outcomes, creating a lasting and positive impact on their organisation’s procurement endeavours.

Key Content

Tactics to navigate supplier relationships strategically, enhancing procurement effectiveness

Insights into streamlining the procurement processes for improved operational efficiency

Methods to identify and capitalise on cost-saving opportunities within procurement

Tools and strategies for market analysis and supplier relationship management

Navigating techniques to mitigate risks and ensure supply chain resilience

Overview of sustainable sourcing practices and ethical considerations

Course Format


1 day


Face-to-face or virtual workshop

Content is delivered through a mix of work-based activities, including lecture-style presentations, group discussions, interactive workshops and case studies.

Understand the fundamental concepts and principles of strategic sourcing to apply in real-world procurement scenarios

Develop effective supplier relationship management skills to foster collaborative and value-driven partnerships with suppliers

Learn cost analysis techniques to identify cost-saving opportunities and optimise procurement expenditures

Acquire risk assessment and mitigation strategies to ensure continuity and resilience in the sourcing process

Enhance negotiation skills and contract management techniques for securing favorable terms and minimising risks

Gain insights into sustainable sourcing practices and their impact on procurement decisions for long-term organisational success

Benefits for you

Gain strategic sourcing expertise to navigate supplier relationships effectively, leading to successful procurement outcomes

Streamline procurement processes and capitalise on cost-saving opportunities, contributing to improved financial management

Develop risk assessment and negotiation skills, ensuring continuity and resilience in sourcing activities

Enhance contract management capabilities to secure favourable terms and minimise risks in procurement agreements

Benefits for your organisation

Equip professionals with strategic sourcing knowledge for stronger supplier management and procurement

Identify cost-saving opportunities and optimise procurement, resulting in significant cost reductions

Assess and manage risks effectively, ensuring business continuity and supply chain stability

Enhance negotiation and contract management skills to secure favourable terms and minimise risks in procurement agreements

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