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Supplier Relationship Management in the Public Sector

Supplier Relationship Management in the Public Sector


Face-to-face or virtual workshop


1 day

Navigate the Best Practices and Strategies of Supplier Chain Relationship Management with Confidence 

This comprehensive one-day course will provide you with a thorough understanding of the intricacies surrounding supplier relationship management (SRM) best practices and strategies, with a particular focus on their relevance in the public sector. Throughout the course, attendees will explore the nuances of cultivating and maintaining valuable supplier relationships, a crucial element for improving procurement performance, stimulating innovation, and mitigating risks.

The course also addresses the important aspect of handling probity-related concerns that often arise in public sector SRM. By engaging with the course’s informative modules and practical insights, participants will not only grasp the fundamentals of effective SRM, but also gain actionable knowledge to navigate the unique challenges presented by the public sector environment.

Key Content

Overview of the fundamentals of public sector procurement

Understanding supplier relationship management (SRM)

Methods of identification of supplier segmentation and profiling

Strategies to build collaborative supplier relationships

Supplier performance evaluation and improvement techniques

Risk management in supplier relationships

Identifying areas of ethical and sustainable supplier management

Navigating and utilising SRM tools and technologies

Course Format


1 day


Face-to-face or virtual workshop

Content is delivered through a mix of work-based activities, including lecture-style presentations, group discussions, interactive workshops and case studies.

Acquire a comprehensive understanding of SRM best practices tailored to the public sector context

Develop skills to establish and nurture productive supplier relationships, enhancing procurement efficiency

Learn strategies to drive innovation through collaborative supplier partnerships in the public sector

Gain insights into effective risk reduction strategies by fostering robust supplier connections

Address probity-related challenges inherent to supplier management within public sector operations

Apply learned principles to navigate real-world supplier dynamics, optimising procurement performance

Benefits for you

Learn effective supplier relationship management strategies to foster collaborative partnerships with suppliers, promoting better cooperation and innovation.

Acquire skills to develop and maintain strong supplier relationships, leading to improved procurement outcomes and efficiency.

Understand how to identify and address risks associated with supplier relationships in the public sector, minimising potential disruptions and issues.

Participate in the course to enhance your expertise in supplier relationship management, boosting your professional development and career opportunities.

Benefits for your organisation

Implement effective supplier relationship management to build stronger and more collaborative partnerships with suppliers

Optimise procurement performance by developing and maintaining efficient supplier relationships, improve procurement processes, and achieve better outcomes

Encourage innovative ideas and solutions from suppliers through effective supplier relationship management, driving continuous improvement and creativity in procurement practices.

Enhance organisational reputation through fostering ethical and transparent supplier interactions in the public sector

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