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Supply Chain, Logistics and Transport Education Research Report 2023

Discover the future demands of supply chain and logistics education with AcademyGlobal’s November, 2023 research report

In 2023, AcademyGlobal established an Education Advisory Board for Supply Chain, Logistics and Transport comprising members drawn from volunteer senior leaders across the fields of supply chain, logistics and transport throughout Australia. The key objective was to enable leaders in the sector to participate and contribute to the design of the next generation of logistics industry qualifications.

This research involved a diverse group of leaders across the logistics, supply chain and transport fields, including roles ranging from national managers, general managers and vice presidents across retail, luxury goods, food manufacturing, consumer electronics, post and express, construction and aerospace and defence.

Meeting three times throughout 2023, the Board considered gaps and deficiencies in existing education offerings in the field, as well as challenges and opportunities relevant for the future of logistics and supply education in the region.

The AcademyGlobal Supply Chain, Logistics and Transport Education Research Report 2023 presents the findings from our research, insights into industry strengths and gaps as well as recommendations on how the education sector can better respond to the demands and expectations of the logistics and supply chain industry.

Download the full report to dive into our findings and explore our strategic recommendations.