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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management


Virtual Workshop


8 x 2 hours

Learn the Principles, Concepts and Practices of Supply Chain Management

The main objective of this course is to provide a fundamental understanding of the principles, concepts, and practices of supply chain management. Encompassing four key themes, this workshop explores the essence of supply chains and its planning, highlighting its universal relevance across industries. It also examines the mechanics of supply chain operations and outlines the principles that drive improvements in supply chain performance.

Additionally, it encompasses the global nature of supply chains, emphasising the interconnectedness of businesses across borders where applicable. Through these insights, participants develop a comprehensive grasp of the essential components of supply chain management and their crucial role in contemporary business environments.

Key Content

Supply chain, its main components, and how it may vary in different organisations

Integrating and harmonising physical and information flows within a supply chain

Supply chain planning from a strategic and operational standpoint

Relationship between supply chain planning and customer service levels

Methods to identify and cost the separate activities within a supply chain

Ways the supply chain performance can be enhanced towards lean and agile systems.

Approaches to performance improvement

Role of information processing in supply chain improvement

Course Format


8 x 2 hours


Virtual Workshop via Zoom

Work-based activities, including presentations, group work and case studies

Develop a comprehensive grasp of supply chain principles, from sourcing to delivery

Acquire skills to optimise logistics operations, enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Learn to align supply chain strategies with broader organisational goals for competitive advantage

Master techniques to identify and mitigate disruptions, ensuring continuity and resilience

Gain the ability to foster seamless collaboration among supply chain partners for mutual benefit

Enhance your decision-making by analysing complex supply chain scenarios and making informed choices

Benefits for you

Develop specialised knowledge that strengthens your supply chain management capabilities

Streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve resource allocation

Gain a broader perspective, aligning supply chain practices with overall business goals

Acquire tools to identify and manage potential disruptions for uninterrupted operations

Benefits for your organisation

Streamline processes and reduce costs through optimised supply chain practices

Enhance coordination between supply chain strategies and overall business objectives

Improve inventory control and distribution, leading to enhanced resource allocation

Equip your team to identify and address potential disruptions, ensuring business continuity

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