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Supply Chain Network Planning

Supply Chain Network Planning


Virtual Workshop


8 x 2 hours

Gain Essential Knowledge on Strategic Supply Chain Networks

This course provides you with the required knowledge to effectively plan, implement, and manage a supply chain network that facilitates the seamless flow of products from source to the end user.

This workshop delves into the intricate aspects of identifying network requirements for various types of facilities, considering cost and service criteria. Crucial considerations related to facility location and resource planning for operations will also be addressed. It further explores acquisition options, with a particular focus on the selection and management of third-party contractors.

An essential component of program is the establishment of a management framework, including information and measurement requirements to facilitate the effective management of the network and achieve performance objectives.

Key Content

Types of network requirement and how they relate to supply chain strategy

Issues involved in forecasting network throughputs across time

Determining factors of a supply network structure

Facility location planning

Consideration factors when specifying resource requirements

Available sources of resources

Scope of information required to support a network

Process of identifying information needed to support a network

Criteria influencing the selection of different measurement and improvement frameworks

Course Format


8 x 2 hours


Virtual Workshop via Zoom

Work-based activities, including presentations, group work and case studies

Develop expertise in designing efficient and cost-effective supply chain networks

Acquire skills to accurately predict demand patterns and optimise inventory levels

Learn techniques for maintaining balanced stock levels, reducing excess and shortages

Master the art of designing distribution networks to enhance product flow

Gain insights into identifying and mitigating potential disruptions for reliable operations

Learn to foster collaboration among supply chain partners, ensuring smooth network operations

Benefits for you

Develop specialised skills that enhance your supply chain network planning proficiency

Streamline workflows and reduce costs by applying efficient network design strategies

Make informed choices by aligning network planning with overarching business goals

Master techniques to achieve optimal inventory levels, minimising excess and shortages

Benefits for your organisation

Streamline processes and reduce costs through optimised supply chain network strategies

Enhance supply chain planning to align with overall business objectives effectively

Improve inventory management, striking a balance between excess and shortages

Equip your team with tools to identify and mitigate potential disruptions, ensuring continuity

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