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The Fundamentals of Business Cases

The Fundamentals of Business Cases


Face-to-face or virtual workshop


1 day

The Fundamentals of Business Cases

This practical course will provide you with the fundamental finance skills to understand and develop a business case. Using a hypothetical, real-world case study, over the course of the workshop you will progress through the steps in developing a business case: establishing an effective financial case for change, develop options analysis and an implementation plan.

On completion of this workshop, you will understand stakeholder financial requirements and how to effectively communicate the business case, recognising what business case approvers are looking for.

Key Content

Introduction to key foundational financial concepts and principles for business cases

Developing the cost/benefit analysis component of a business case

Methods to interpret, analyse and present financial information

Interpreting the concept of money's value over time and present value calculations

Exploring the relationship between risk and potential investment returns

Techniques for budget creation and financial forecasting

Gaining insight into investment strategies, and capital budgeting techniques

Course Format


1 day


Face-to-face or virtual workshop

Work-based activities, including presentations, group tasks and case studies

Understand how to build a business case through a robust understanding of fundamental financial concepts and principles

Recognise how to develop and appraise options through cost/benefit analysis

Develop proficiency in interpreting, analysing and presenting financial data, to make informed strategic decisions

Grasp the concept of the time value of money and become adept at performing present value calculations for various financial scenarios

Explore the intricate relationship between risk assessment, evaluating different levels of risk, and the potential investment returns associated with each

Acquire practical techniques to create comprehensive budgets and conduct accurate financial forecasting, crucial for effective resource allocation

Deepen insights into investment strategies, optimising capital allocation to achieve your financial goals

Benefits for you

Develop the sought after skill and capability to develop and evaluate business cases

Enhance your financial literacy and gain a comprehensive understanding of financial concepts and practices

Assist in making better financial decisions through improved knowledge and analysis of cost/benefit analysis

Develop the ability to make informed investment choices and manage financial resources wisely

Benefits for your organisation

Broaden staff and manager ability to contribute to business case development and assessment

Enhance financial competence of employees and executives as they acquire a stronger grasp of financial principles and practices

Empower employees to make more informed and strategic financial decisions

Improved your organisation’s budget management discipline and enhance the ability to create, manage, and optimise budgets

Enhance your organisation's investment decision-making acumen, helping teams to assess investments and financial opportunities more effectively

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