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Transport and Society

Transport and Society


Virtual Workshop


8 x 2 hours

Understand Transport in a Societal Context

This unit delves into the intricate interplay between transport and society, exploring the influence of demography, politics, and environmental dynamics. It comprehensively examines how these factors shape the evolution of transportation for both passengers and freight. Another crucial aspect is the assessment of how residential preferences and employment trends directly impact the demands and requirements of transportation systems.

By studying this unit, you gain insights into the complex and multifaceted relationship between transport and various societal dimensions, equipping you with a holistic understanding of the broader context in which transportation systems operate.

Key Content

Gathering and interpreting demographic statistics

Interaction between the development of transport and the development of society

Environmental issues relating to transport and transport use

Government policies and its impact of the environmental effects of transport and the response of transport organisations

Political theories applied to transport

Relationship between land-use planning and transport

Impact of transport on changing patterns in the demand for leisure

Effects of rural and urban dwelling patterns on the provision of passenger and freight transport

Course Format


8 x 2 hours


Virtual Workshop via Zoom

Work-based activities, including presentations, group work and case studies

Develop a deep comprehension of the intricate dynamics between transportation systems and societal factors

Gain the ability to analyse how demographics influence the evolution of transport for passengers and freight

Understand the role of politics in shaping transportation policies and their impact on society

Explore the relationship between transport choices and environmental concerns, fostering sustainable practices

Acquire insights into how residential decisions and employment trends influence transportation needs

Develop a holistic view of the symbiotic relationship between transport and society, enhancing your decision-making and planning capabilities

Benefits for you

Develop a nuanced understanding of the complex relationship between transportation and societal dynamics

Acquire skills to analyse demographic and political factors shaping transportation decisions

Make better-informed decisions by grasping the environmental and societal implications of transport choices

Gain a broader perspective to consider residential patterns and employment trends when planning transportation solutions

Benefits for your organisation

Develop a workforce capable of aligning transportation decisions with societal needs and environmental concerns

Equip your team to craft transportation policies that consider demographic trends and political dynamics

Foster environmentally responsible practices by understanding the impact of transport on society

Improve overall transport planning by factoring in residential choices and employment patterns for optimal solutions

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